weekly endorsements


I suggest!

This interview with writer Jennifer Egan. The Days of Yore website in general. Interviews with artists about all the days before they got their successes. Egan’s interview is funny and honest and I love reading about how people come to writing.

Nick Nastyy (aka my little cousin, although he’s not that little anymore, he’s 18, oh my goodness, where does the time go, I remember when he was a newborn, shit, I’m old) has released his third album. He’s amazing and I’m so proud and my favorite song on the album is “If the World Ended.” You can listen and download the album here.

The Hot Club of San Francisco Pandora station. It’s West Coast gypsy jazz, I think influenced by Django Reinhardt. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m living in Woody Allen’s “Sweet and Lowdown.” It’s the kind of music that makes life feel like bounce and sunshine. You’ll walk around on the balls of your feet all day after listening to it, I promise.

Hilton Als is a writer and theater critic for the New Yorker. He’s also one of my absolute favorite writers. Check out his Contributors page on the New Yorker website– funny stuff, smart stuff, observant stuff. Can’t recommend it enough.

Memories of Murdera Korean murder mystery/horror/comedy directed by Joon-ho Bong. I love all of his movies, and I believe The Host got him international recognition. And I think The Host is really wonderful, but there’s something about Memories of Murder ( a pair of rural cops trying to find a serial killer) that is disquieting and really funny and creepy and unresolved and I love it.


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