i love my holga

Booth Scan 1_4

I got my first Holga camera in 2009. After a few rolls of “what the hell?” I figured out how to tape it up, how to experiment with light leaks and double exposing, and I just love it. I haven’t been using it much lately, I haven’t been taking any pictures really. I used to think it was my aversion to digital, but I think I’m just lazy and uninspired. I got this roll developed not knowing what was on it and I am remembering the surprise joy of film developing. You never know what you’re going to get. Hopefully this will kick my butt in gear and get me to take some pictures again. These were taken back in 2010 at a dear friend’s wedding in Maine. We drank beer with our bagel breakfast and had a campfire with S’mores after the reception. What’s better than that? Nothing, I say.

Booth Scan 2Booth Scan 1_5Booth Scan 1_3Booth Scan 1_2


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