naked layers

My cousin Kyana and her collaborator Novel Idea have created “Naked Layers,” a film that explores the body and vulnerability and nudity and space, and it’s so remarkable. I emailed Kyana after watching it and told her how I was nodding and crying and laughing while watching. Everything she discovers and discusses have been on my mind at one point or another, and it’s art like this that makes me feel less alone in the world. I recognize myself and the world in what they’ve created.

You can learn and see more of the project here.


3 thoughts on “naked layers

  1. This is honest and raw. It’s especially a big step for a woman to take her clothes off and look at her self much less allow others that freedom. By doing so it’s obvious that she is now a more confident person. Does she have the body she wants ? Do any of us ? As nudist we realize that beauty is more than skin deep. This lady has both her own outer and inner beauty for us all to see and enjoy.

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