in living color


It is almost 100 degrees in New York. Walking around the city feels like rolling around in someone’s armpit. Even if I didn’t have the day off, I’d still be glued to the air conditioner. Today I’m studying for a menu test I have to take for my new job. It’s kind of fun– index cards and Sharpee markers and Hell or High Watermelon beer. There is also an In Living Color marathon on tv and it has been the best background entertainment. I watched every single episode of that show as a kid and watching it now as an adult makes me laugh in the same way. It is really funny, but I also love how the show feels so good-spirited. It doesn’t feel snarky or ironic, it feels like watching a bunch of friends being funny. And when I laugh watching In Living Color, it’s my favorite kind of laughing– the very long chuckle that makes me shake my head and my eyes start tearing up and I have to put my face in my hands.


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