new simple pleasure!


I have been a terrible blogger! Nearly two weeks since my last post. I’ve been training at a second restaurant and I’m only now starting to crawl out from under a mountain of scrambled eggs and decaf lattes and dressing on the side orders. And I’ve been meaning to post about my newest obsession– audio books! (Or “books on tape,” as I keep calling them, even though tapes haven’t been around since Melrose Place.) A few weeks ago, my friend Tracy emailed and asked if she could send me Tough Shit— a book on tape written and narrated by Kevin Smith (writer and director of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma). She said it was motivating and inspiring and thought it would be a good kick in the ass for me. I got it in the mail a few days later, and I’ll thank Tracy forever. Dear friend, you’ve introduced me to the wonderful pleasure of books on tape! I’m driving all over this city, and I’m grateful for my satellite radio and the 70’s station is fun and NPR is great, but I was starting to get a little restless in the car. And now I can travel and make a dent in my “reading”! It doesn’t feel like actual reading, because well, I guess it isn’t. But it’s something. And the one thing I miss about subway commuting is the daily hour and a half opportunity to sit with a book.

Tough Shit was just the best. Smith discusses his father’s death, his white hot love for his wife, his weight, his adoration and respect for George Carlin, Tracy Morgan, Quentin Tarantino, his confusion over Bruce Willis and Harvey Weinstein. He talks about his insecurities and fears, how wringing and exhilarating life can be. And I’m making it sound totally cheesy and dumb, but I swear it’s rich and moving, and it was wonderful to hear as I hit day 63 of “Oh no, what the heck am I doing?” feelings.

Next up for the rental car stereo: Maureen Dowd’s Are Men Necessary? and Thomas Friedman’s Hot, Flat, and Crowded.

Thank you, Tracy!