dinner last night



Last night before work I made cookies and a White Russian. There are two times when I feel most like an adult– when I check my mail before going into my apartment and I’m carrying bills, keys, and bags and I’m pooped from my day, I totally feel like a grown up. And when I can put together snacks and booze and call it a meal, I feel like an adult (and I would pronounce it with the hard “a”– aa-dult as opposed to uh-dult).

When I stopped at Bogie’s Liquor Store on Melrose to get supplies, the little old guy who works there was adorable and his toothless smile was wide and he poked out from behind the counter to help me find a mini bottle of Kahlua and he was older than water and he said “Thank you, sweetie, so honest” when I told him not to forget to charge me for the vodka, too, and I was leaving he yelled out “See you next week!” even though I’d never seen him before, but it was like he knew I drink too much and would be back next week. Which of course I do and I will. Adorable and psychic.


weekly endorsements


I suggest!

Rick Moody (The Ice Storm, The Black Veil) is one of my favorite writers. I can’t say enough about his prose– it’s sensitive and jarring and soft and it stays with me long after I’ve stopped reading. Do check out his blog post on Taylor Swift. You have to scroll a bit down the page, but his post and subsequent reader responses are well worth the read. You can read here.

Yummy Books is a beautiful literary food blog by my wonderful friend Cara. She creates the most wonderful recipes based on scenes from some of her favorite books. Stop by and say hello and be dazzled by her writing, photos, and food descriptions. And give her a congrats, too! Cara has a book coming out based on the blog! Wahoo!

One Story is a literary journal featuring one story per issue. You subscribe, you receive a story in the mail about once a month, happiness ensues. I love One Story, I love receiving things in the mail that aren’t bills, and I love that the short story is still alive and kicking.

My fellow New Yorkers! City Bakery is my favorite place to eat in the entire city. Conveniently located, the best cookies around (I’m not being hyperbolic, I tell no lies, these cookies will be the best things you ever eat), and February is Hot Chocolate Month. Different flavor of hot cocoa each day. Need I say more? Stop what you’re doing and go. Now.