sunday, so fun


Yesterday was just a great day. I worried it was going to be the pits– I woke up with a hangover and covered in bug bites the size of mini-golf balls. I was anxious in that post-drinking way and was totally unsure how I would spend the day. But then Amber and Leah told me we were getting delivery– cans of soda and hard, soft, and cheesy tacos from Benny’s Burritos– and we laid on their huge sectional couch in front of the AC and watched Harry Potter 3 & 8. I kept falling alseep, I drank my can of ginger ale (canned soda is my favorite part of being hungover), I woke up and watched Harry and Ron and Hemione get out of trouble, I fell back asleep. It was so relaxing and felt so comfortable, I felt like I was home.

After six-plus hours on the couch, I went over to Erik and Carly’s for zucchini soup and ceasar salad and beer and cantaloupe ice pops. Carly and Erik are two of the friends I missed most while I was away, and last night we drank and laughed and argued about Mel Gisbon. So much fun. We also watched Howard the Duck, which I hadn’t seen in at least 20 years. Carly and Erik listen to “How Did This Get Made?”— a podcast with a bunch of funny guys sitting around talking about wonderfully bad movies, and HTD was a recent pick. We laughed like crazy and I fell in love with Lea Thompson and I hope one day I get to be in a movie where I spend most of my scenes with a little talking duck and I miss movies from the 80’s. There’s something about their simplicity and lack of guile that makes them refreshing after all these years.


lannister vs gryffindor



Sometimes I think the world is divided into two groups– people are either Gryffindors and Starks or they’re Lannisters and Slytherins. My friend Joseph yells at me for being so black and white with things, but I actually think it’s a useful way to look at the world and people. I believe in shades of grey, but I also believe some folks have more integrity and follow a recognizable moral code and have good, big hearts (those would be the Stark-like contingent) and some other folks make you wrinkle your nose whenever their names are mentioned cause you know there’s something about them that might not be on the up and up (those would be our Slytherins).

And there are variations of course– Gryffindors aren’t infallible, Starks make mistakes and tell lies. There are Lannisters that have warmth and soul, and some Slytherins have been beyond noble. Sometimes people seem like one thing and they’re really another (I always think Sansa Stark feels way more like a Lannister), and sometimes people are a little bit of both (Severus Snape). I, of course, like to think that I’m way more of a Gryffindor/Stark (although most of my siblings would insist that I’m secretly an evil Lannister). Most of my old boyfriends, with one notable exception, have been Lannisters. Definite Lannisters. So you might kinda need both to make the world go round.