weekly endorsements


I suggest!

Everyone should read Meghan Daum’s essay “My Misspent Youth.” It’s about her wild relationship with debt and spending, but it’s also about New York and being young and trying to figure out how to pursue your dreams. You will love it and it will make you feel less alone when you open your mailbox and look at all of those stupid bills.

I love white sheets. I used to prefer colors or patterns, but lately I’ve been sticking with white bedding and I don’t think I’ll go back. It makes everything look kind of neat and clean (that is the only bitch– you have to wash them like frigging crazy, and I eat in bed, which is ridiculous for reasons having nothing to with white sheets, so I’m constantly scrubbing soy sauce and cake frosting out of my sheets). If you’re tentative and can deal with a low thread count, start with these Target sheets. They’re inexpensive and not too scratchy, and you’ll be able to see how white sheets can make you feel like you’re in a beach house. And that’s kind of fun, no?

Slate Culture Gabfest is my absolute favorite podcast. It’s the only one I’ve been able to listen to with some regularity (and I actually pinched the idea for endorsements from those guys). Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stephens and Julia Turner discuss movies and current events and food and scandals and celebrities and books and I’m making it sound cheesy, but it’s really great. Things I’ve learned about from the Gabfest: Tony Judt, Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, the Taylor Swift–Kanye West feud, The Official Preppy Handbook, Eric Rohmer, the Sea and Cake, Inside Job, the list goes on.

My friend Sam lives in New Orleans. We met waiting tables at the Half King and immediately connected because we both love books, beer, and bitching about customers. Visit her blog and fall in love with her pictures (she’s one of my favorite photographers), opinions, and book reviews.

New Yorkers, please check out Partial Comfort Productions. They are a wonderful theater company, small but mighty, and I think their work is incredible. One of my favorite playwrights is Samuel Hunter and I first saw “A Bright New Boise” at Partial Comfort. Their stuff is smart and original and sits with me long after I’ve left the theater. Affordable theater? You can’t say no!